Exmoor (Great Bradley Bridge, Two Moors Way)

The installation of a new bridge could completely revamp the Two Moors Way, a spectacular 102 mile walking route linking together the two great moorlands of south west England, Exmoor and Dartmoor. If you want to help, read on.

The route – the Two Moors Way

A stunning walking route links Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks from coast to coast across the County of Devon – the Two Moors Way. In the centre of Exmoor National Park, between Tarr Steps and Withypool, the route currently follows a rough permitted path on the eastern bank of the River Barle. This is less than ideal for a number of reasons – and there is a much better, wider and more secure route on the western bank which follows a bridleway. When the path gets to Great Bradley however, the crossing point is just a ford – impassable on foot for much of the year, and off-putting for all but the most serious of walkers and riders.


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Mend Our Bridges

We need your help to create a brand new bridge across the River Barle at Great Bradley – we have already secured help from the landowner and a suitable bridge has been sourced from a previous project. It might sound like it’s all been sorted already… right? Wrong!

The bridge needs to be completely refurbished, then transported to the site. After that, ramps and abutments will have to be specially built and everything fixed into place. If that wasn’t complex enough, the site itself is inaccessible so specialist machinery and skilled contractors will be needed to do this.

If you can help us build the bridge, we can move the Two Moors Way route onto the western bank where it can be enjoyed by visitors for generations to come!

The new bridge ready to be refurbished. Photo: Exmoor NPA.

Get involved

Exmoor National Park has two exciting projects in this campaign – the other one is a great scheme to repair a notorious bridleway on The Chains, a beautiful high moorland plateau. Despite being one of the smallest National Parks, its unique character combined with its proximity to nearby Dartmoor make it an invaluable resource in the South West of England. Help us make a massive improvement to these landscapes by donating now.

Donate here to help us raise £20,000 for Great Bradley Bridge. You can make a donation of any size - choose 'Donate what you want' - or select one of the other amounts. If you want to donate directly to the National Appeal, you can do so here.

All online donations are currently via PayPal - if you would prefer not to use this method or would like to make a large donation (£500~), please contact the team directly on mendourmountains@thebmc.co.uk. All money raised goes via the BMC's charity, the Access and Conservation Trust.

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