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This is a call to action to anyone who values the hills, mountains and unique landscapes of Britain. 

When we go into the great outdoors, we all use paths, bridleways and bridges. Yet these are more vulnerable than many of us realise, and are increasingly suffering from erosion. 

More people getting outdoors is a good thing, but the drip-drip effect of countless feet takes its toll.  Without intervention, erosion scars on the most popular walking routes have been known to grow up to 30 metres wide (as wide as the M1).

Well-made, sensitively constructed paths are the best defence against this damage. But the cost of skilled labour and the challenge of getting materials to remote locations can make it expensive work: for example, it costs approximately £28,000 to maintain just one kilometre of the 40 kilometre route of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. 

But the challenge of looking after Britain’s paths is becoming greater and greater.

Damage to Carn Liath on Beinn a’ Ghlo in the Cairngorms

The problem 

Visitor numbers are rising, and our most popular routes are taking more of a battering than ever. 

Storm damage and extreme weather is making things worse. The floods which hit the Lake District during Storm Desmond in late 2015, for example, were estimated to have caused a year’s worth of damage to the region’s paths in a single night, much of which has still not yet been repaired.

And money is getting tighter. Much upland path work falls outside the responsibility of local authorities, and National Parks have been squeezed in recent years by budget cuts of up to 40%.

In many places paths are eroding faster than they can be repaired.  

The solution

But here’s the good news – together we can turn things around. 

Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million is asking everyone to step up to the challenge facing the places we care about. We want to raise £1 million in total for a range of vital projects within the UK’s entire family of 15 National Parks, encompassing England, Wales and Scotland.

This appeal is a ‘sequel’ to the first Mend Our Mountains campaign, which thanks to your generosity raised £103,832 through crowdfunding in the spring of 2016 and was named ‘Campaign of the Year’. The picture below shows the difference your donations made on one of the projects featured in the campaign – the Ringing Roger path on Kinder Scout in the Peak District.

You can read about more of the fantastic work the first Mend Our Mountains campaign helped to make happen here

Now we are raising our sights ten times as high. We want to kickstart more and bigger projects all across Britain. But we can’t do it without your help.

Why should you donate? 

First and foremost, your donation will have a direct and positive impact on landscapes all over the country. By giving to Mend Our Mountains today, you will help us preserve these places for the future, for everyone.

But this is about more than just tidying up a few muddy paths – it is about protecting the health and integrity of places which are important in the lives of millions of people. By protecting paths we make a sustainable foundation for our enjoyment of the outdoors in future and all the benefits it brings to our health and wellbeing. 


Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million will benefit all the UK’s 15 National Parks, but with a primary focus on 13 major projects. You can read more about these by navigating to them from the homepage of this site, and take a more in-depth look at how the campaign works here.

A donation today on this page will be put into a central pot which will be distributed among the projects.

Thanks to the generosity of thousands, this appeal has succeeded in raising enough money to completely fund work on nearly all 13 of the projects we set out to support – a fantastic result. Repairs have  already started on several of these paths (see the blog for the latest updates), and the rest will be completed over the summer of 2019 and into 2020.

However, you are still very welcome to make a donation. Your money will go towards either supporting additional work on the projects listed on this website or helping to fund future Mend Our Mountains initiatives.

You can make a donation of any size – choose ‘Donate what you want’ – or select one of the other amounts.

All online donations are currently via PayPal – if you would prefer not to use this method or would like to make a large donation (£500~), please contact the team directly on All money raised goes via the BMC’s charity, the Access and Conservation Trust.

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Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million is a call to action to everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of Britain. It aims to galvanise mass support for things we all use: the paths, bridleways and bridges which underpin our experiences in the great outdoors. Through a year-long appeal we aim to raise £1 million in total for a range of vital projects within the UK’s entire family of 15 National Parks. Navigate our website to find out more.
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